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Anniston to play Jaime Sommers?anniston

Jennifer Anniston is being rumoured to play Jaime Sommers in a big screen version of the Bionic Woman. The rumours appeared in an Australian newspaper. The series holds a place in the star’s heart since she was discouraged from watching tv as a child. Her babysitter let her sneak peaks at the series and she ran around the house making bionic sounds. If offered the role we’re sure that she’d have some interest in accepting.

Six Million Dollar Site relaunch

It’s been a while since our last relaunch. Were still working on this new version of the site so expect some more updates over the month. The episode guide section is still being worked on and we will upload seasons as soon as they are complete.

Six Million Dollar Site exclusive

Universal Playback has confirmed the release of new bionic material over the year, and they plan more DVDs.

October will see the releases of the BW and SMDM DVD’s volume 2. As yet there is no confirmation on episodes to be included but initial rumours are that ‘Day of the Robot’ -originally scheduled to be on the first release- will be one of the episodes.

In November a futher 9 episodes of the SMDM will be releases in box set format on VHS. Again no episodes are confirmed but hopefully they will fill the missing gaps from season one, left by the release of the ‘Classic Collection’.

Bionic Woman rerun on the Sci-Fi Channel

UK fans of the Bionic Woman will get a second chance to watch the series. After completing the first showing, the UK Sci-Fi channel are going back to episode one. If you missed it the first time then tune into Sci-Fi on April 24th at 11:00am or 5:00pm

New bionic video releases

Universal Playback are launching more bionic videos and DVD’s over the coming months. The DVD’s should interest fans over the world as it will mean the series are available to own for the first time.

So what is being released?

9th April – SMDM DVD – The Secret of Bigfoot Parts 1&2 and the Seven Million Dollar Man.
9th April – Bionic Woman DVD – Black Magic, Motorcycle Boogie and the Jailing of Jaime

7th May – SMDM The Classic Collection – was to run in 1st season production order but the robot episodes were omitted as they were originally going to feature on the DVD. Some second season episodes have now crept onto the collection. The episode list reads as follows – Population:Zero, Survival of the Fittest, Doomsday and Counting, Eyewitness to Murder, The Rescue of Athena One, The Coward, Nuclear Alert, The Pioneers and Pilot Error

We hope to have some cover shots for you very soon.

Bionic Woman marathon on SciFi today

The SciFi channel will show a Bionic Woman marathon today between 10:00 and 3:00. Last week’s Six Million Dollar Man marathon was greeted with enthusiasm, however the episodes were butchered and featured pop up slogans during the transmission.
Fans comments on the Egroups mailing list were quite vocal in their opinions regarding the tampering.

Banzai88 wrote ‘Sci-Fi ruined it with their oversized watermark, those stupid polling questions that popped up at the bottom of the screen, and the squeezed credits at the end. Unforgivable’