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Continued drive on efficiencies as we enter the final year of DQF: 2015 and 2016 was the penultimate year for the BBC because we have continued to build on our impressive track record of delivering efficiencies. By 31 March 2016 we have delivered £621 sustainable savings and targeting to deliver an annual total of £700 million recurring savings by 31 March 2017.

The focus of the property and procurement, efficiencies has been on the people: over £150 million headcount reductions has been delivered in year which reduced the costs and reduction of more than two thousand workers over the past 9 years. Since 2009 the pay bill of senior manager has been fallen more than £31 million while since 2010 property has significantly reduced. In the 2015 the Price water house coopers and national audit office assessed the progress of BBCs against its target of efficiency. The progress of DQF programmes are examined by the NAO while price water house confirmed the BBC £1.6 billion of recurring cost efficiencies in 2016 and 2017, it helping a strong and efficient culture within the BBC. PWC examined that, 87 percent of the current cost is controlled by the BBC up from around 80 percent in 2014. While we are expecting 90 percent will be controlled in 2017 to be tested under compare or complete. We are giving focus on reducing the running cost and ensuring that investing as much possible for license fee payers. As more people rely on mobile and online catch up, BBC iPlayer, the % of household’s televisions is falling faster than previously predicted.

We are focusing on modernizing and rationalizing the BBC estate. We have exited parts of while city and television centre and continue to move our business outside of London. Fifty five percent of our employees are based outside of the M25 and 1% increase on last year. How we use the allow charge The way in which the BBC is sponsored spots immense obligations on it as a relationship: to offer regard to money by revolving use around the activities and organisations the overall public most needs from the BBC to ensure that the yield is then passed on as cost capably as would be judicious to ensure convincing and powerful assembling of the allow cost to help financing from various sources, most on a very basic level BBC Worldwide, the BBC's business trading operation, in a route enduring with the terms of its Charter and distinctive duties Results for the year Our results amid the present year before long show that we have viably managed the cash related challenges standing up to us, giving a sound base to meet our future obligations and pass on our imperative craving. undertakings and organisations. This is a colossal achievement that has quite recently been possible in view of the strong relationship with Capita, our outsourced provider for social event of allow cost monies.
Stats and facts: Earlier the BFI published figures which show that the film production of UK industry is on boom and thriving. There was massive surge in last year with the film production in the UK generating a total spend of £1.475 billion.The confidence of the International filmmakers, crews and world class production facilities is increasing. The British film commission has spent £1.233 billion last year in the UK which is recorded as the highest level. There are some major films such as, star war, age of Ultron, Spectre, and Pan. box office and Admissions: In the fourth successive year the office exceeded £1 billion. On the previous year the total taking were down 2%.

Box office review of UK:

• Revenue of the box office- £1.1 billion
• Admissions of cinema- 157.5 million

UK films market share:

• UK films independent share- 16%
• UK market share of US studio backed UK films-26%, 10%
• Number of releases in the UK-712
• UK independent film-142
• Studio Backed films-12
• Total Films of UK-154

UK films share:

• films independent share-3.2%
• studio backed UK films share-13%, 9.7%
• Topin the UK- Paddington - £36.9 million
• office Top film- The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies-£41.2 million
• Top UK independent UK film- Paddington - £36.9 million

Economic value: The film industry of UK is quite wealthy and generating handsome and significant value for the economy of UK. As per 2014 data the industry turnover in the economy was £9.1bn which is quite strong turnover according to the film industry experts. The direct contribution of industry in the GDP of UK was £1.4 billion and £1.4 billion almost exported worth of services. The industry is known across from the worlds because of strong facts and figures. It provides latest opportunities, latest market reports, various challenges, industry analysis, whole overview etc.
Awards and Talent: In 2014/15 the British talent and industry winning 29 internationally awards. As per the comparison of previous period 19% of the eligible awards have been increased. Timothy Spall in Mr. Turner won the best actor award at Cannes in 2014. Throughout the festive calendar films have major presence last year launching pride, Catch me Daddy, Mr. Turner, Blood Cells, Jimmy’ Hall, queen and country, the theory of everything, bypass, the Goob in Venice, A little chaos in Toronto, Mr. turner, X+Y, 45 years in the Berlin and the riot club.

Global brands: Key overall brands continued performing outstandingly in the midst of 2015/16. BBC Worldwide continued building its channel kind brands this year, realising 12 of BBC Worldwide 33 widespread channel empowers passing on its new channel stamps by 31 March 2016. New channel brands were pushed in the midst of the year in Poland, the Nordics, South Africa and Latin America and most by far of the other topical BBC channels are depended upon to re-stamp in the midst of 2016/17. BBC Earth and BBC First are in a matter of seconds open in no under 40 countries with BBC Brit available in 61 countries. Hitting the move floor with the Stars held its position as a Top 10 most watched fervour program in the USA and Sherlock: The Abominable Bride was sold to 216 spaces moreover screened in silver screens in more than 20 countries. In trademark history, BBC Earth Films and Shanghai Media Group denoted the important deal under the purpose of intrigue Sino-UK film Co-Production Treaty to co-convey another story component film for consistent with life release in 2017.

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